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Community for Shika/Ino Lovers

Troublesome Love
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Welcome to shika_ino, the community that ships Shikamaru Nara and Ino Yamanaka from the anime/manga series Naruto together. Please read the rules before joining and feel free to join after you do so. ^_^

1. Gotta be a Shika/Ino lover. TemaShika, ShinoIno, etc. won't work. Otherwise, why would you want to join this community?
2. Be polite. If you disagree with something from another member, please do it politely. This also means NO CHARACTER BASHING. If you're going to fight, take it elsewhere, but not in the community.
3. Lemons/NC-17/Hentai fanart is allowed. But you have to keep it under a lj-cut with warnings. I don't want people coming up to me yelling and whining about it.
4. Fanfiction/fanart is allowed. But again, it has to have ShikaIno (or just Shikamaru or Ino alone). If it has other couplings, that's fine too.

As of 9/11/04: Shikatou x Inoshi/Inoshi x Shikatou (fathers of Shikamaru and Ino)support are also allowed in this community now. :q Since it's ShikaIno, I figure I may as well include both generations, right? That's right.

As of 3/8/06: Keep posts that are advertisements to ONLY Shikamaru, Ino, Shikaku/Shikatou, or Inoichi/Inoshi related events/whatever. And I mean this as in Pig and Fawn-centric. Not mostly Lee with a hint of Ino or something. It has to be either all about the piggies or all about the fawns, otherwise the mods will be taking a broom to it.

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