☤ saint dickeys moderator (dickeys_mod) wrote in shika_ino,
☤ saint dickeys moderator

Seeking Shikamaru and Ino Players!

I'll be honest with you. This is a sex-game that takes place in a prison. If it's something you're brave enough to try, then by all means check us out! We don't open until March 22nd, and a Shikamaru and Ino would be welcome!

"nutritor iucunditas solvo animus"
saint dickeys federal prison, an au naruto roleplay
Welcome to a new kind of human bondage.

Founded in 1876, Saint Dickeys is an outstanding high-security prison, dedicated to incarcerate and provide an atmosphere of spiritual awakening and renewal for its inmates. But within its walls is a secret government project so great, that the warden sought all over the nation for America's worst criminals to be transferred to this ancient penitentiary. Just for this lone project.

There's no escaping this hell on earth, but every pitiful soul that passes through the front gates of this prison are never to be the same ever again.

dickeys is an alternate universe Naruto roleplay that takes place in a modern-day prison... and fuelled by a sick, sadistic, sex-centric experiment.

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